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Work Proud - September 2022


CONGRATULATIONS to Alexis Warner, Assistant Property Manager at The Highlands, as our September WORK PROUD recipient!!


Alexis has been a part of the PLK family for almost 2 years now and has been making big strides. You can tell by all the wonderful things said about Alexis that she makes quite the impression. Alexis holds so many PLK Core Values, however, Ownership and Unity were front and center in her nominations. Alexis comes to work every day with a smile and is ready to support her team. Let’s take a look at the wonderful words her team members and peers had to share… 


I am proud to work with Lex every day. She is encouraging and supportive even while I am still learning certain things about the job!” – Fellow Nominator


“She has inspired me directly by remaining calm and positive even in the midst of chaos and goes out of her way to keep smiling.” – Fellow Nominator


“Lex always comes into work and starts the day off with a smile and greets us with a good morning. The positive energy first thing in the morning helps motivate and set the tone for the day.” – Fellow Nominator


“I enjoy working with her every day as she brings so much knowledge to the team and is always there to do what she can for any of us!” – Fellow Nominator


“Alexis shows Excellence in her work and her performance. Managing her task without direction and on time. She holds herself accountable for her phone shops and customer service. She meets her deadlines and makes sure that she’s always meeting company standards.”– Fellow Nominator