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Work Proud- September 2021

Please Join us in CONGRATULATING Julie Ward, Property Manager at Duveneck & Seminary Square Lofts, as our September WORK PROUD recipient!

We are happy to have Julie as part of the PLK family as she’s been with us just over 2 years. You can tell by all the wonderful things said about Julie that she is a force and leaves her mark everywhere she goes. Julie holds so many PLK Core Values, it was hard to choose, but the ones that stood front and center in her nominations are Integrity and Ownership. Julie brings passion to every little detail, always ready to tackle all task set before her. Let’s take a look at the wonderful words her team members and peers had to share…

“Julie is always a positive person to be around. Regardless of the hustle and bustle of the workday, Julie makes it a great day! Julie has inspired me to work PROUD. To be proud of all my accomplishments. She has inspired me to work HARD. No matter what the situation, your hard work is always appreciated when working with Julie.”- Fellow Nominator

“Julie always steps up and makes things happen. She has pushed our NKY team to be the best they can be, regardless of what office they are in. Julie always makes the best of every situation. She has been asked to help at locations and does so without skipping a beat. There was recent flooding at Lakeside Landing, Julie stepped up to help. She took the initiative and Ownership to make sure that all residents and staff were taken care of and knew what was going on. I strive every day to be like Julie, I’m PROUD to be on her team.”- Fellow Nominator

“She believes in doing something right the first time, she likes to work smarter not harder, and she really puts all her effort into everything she does. Ownership is one of her key core values- The day that Lakeside Landing had a massive flood due to the heavy rain and over 20 apartments had water damage, Julie showed up ready to pitch in, she worked in the pouring rain with no shoes on, because the water was so high.”- Fellow Nominator

“Julie embodies our core value of LOVE. She is known for having a wonderful smile, attitude, and team player mentality. She also fosters UNITY among her peers and works to ensure everyone at PLK is lifting each other up! So grateful to work with Julie! She truly deserves this acknowledgement!! YAY for Julie!”- Alicia Taylor, Regional Manager

“Julie was a life saver (or a life vest!) during the Lakeside Landing flood. She was one of several PLK employees that stepped up during the catastrophe, staying late into the night to make sure that residents were safe and had somewhere to stay that night. After the flood, she assisted the community (while without a manager) to get the day to day done and to recover from the damaging event. She is always willing to help and loves her team and residents – and this is not just at her community, any PLK employee is a team member to Julie and any PLK resident is treated as her own!”-Marissa Wilkin, Regional Manager