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Work Proud - October 2022


CONGRATULATIONS to Nick Lingenfelter, Chief Development Officer at PLK Corporate, as our October WORK PROUD recipient!!


Nick has been a part of the PLK family for 5 years now and has been a tremendous asset to the company. You can tell by all the wonderful things said about Nick that he makes an imprint in front and behind the scenes. Nick holds so many PLK Core Values, however, Drive and Ownership were front and center in his nominations. Nick comes to work every day determined and focus to keep building and pushing PLK’s development to new heights. Let’s take a look at the wonderful words his team and peers had to share… 


“He shows up every day and gives each project his all. When we were developing the Jameson, we had to host a neighborhood meeting and at the time the residents of Madisonville were generally very angry, not just with us but with all the developers trying to build there. Nick was able to calm down the majority of them and show them how we are helping the community in ways beyond financial means.” – Fellow Nominator


“He works harder than anyone I know and juggles a ton of different projects at one time. I'm not saying this as a saying, but I literally don't know how he maintains his energy. He has inspired me to work hard and take pride in my work. He works hard to get each development out of the ground with designs and interior selections that will attract residents. I've tried to copy that and learn interior finishes and design.” – Fellow Nominator


“Nick is truly passionate about his work and his role at PLK. If there was a 25th hour in the day, Nick would surely use that to tie up any loose ends and help his team out.”-Eric Stringer, Development Coordinator


“Nick is a dynamic, smart, and talented man! I love to listen to him discuss new projects or ideas- he talks a mile a minute 😊 which tells you that he has so much to share! His vision for PLK’s continued growth is contagious, and his team is a wonderful complement to his continuing projects and plans. Nick does ‘Live Proud’ which ensures a wonderful future for PLK.”-Julie Hinshaw, Office Manager