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Work Proud - November 2023


At PLK Communities, we believe that our greatest asset lies within our dedicated team members who tirelessly work towards our shared vision of creating vibrant and thriving communities. Today, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on one of our exceptional team members, Rickey, whose unwavering commitment to excellence has earned him the prestigious Work Proud distinction.

Rickey's journey with PLK began in July when he joined our esteemed team as a Leasing Consultant at Paddock Club. From the moment Rickey stepped through our doors, his passion for his work and his genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of our residents became evident.

Since joining our family, Rickey has embodied the core values that define PLK Communities: Drive, Love, and Ownership. His dedication to his role goes beyond mere responsibilities; it reflects his deep-seated commitment to delivering exceptional service and fostering a sense of community within Paddock Club.

Rickey's impact has been felt not only by his colleagues but also by the residents he serves. Countless reviews and testimonials highlight Rickey's exceptional customer service skills, his unparalleled product and community knowledge, and above all, his infectious smile that brightens the day of everyone he encounters.

In November, Rickey was honored with the Work Proud distinction, a testament to his outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication to excellence. As we reflect on Rickey's journey and celebrate his achievements, we had the privilege of sitting down with him to gain insights into his remarkable success.

The Key to Success: Family and Determination

When asked about the key to his success, Rickey humbly credits his family for providing him with the drive and determination to excel. "My kids and my Dad," he shares, "they give me another level of Drive and willpower. I want my kids to be proud to call me their daddy, just like I am proud of my Dad."

Rickey's unwavering commitment to his family serves as a powerful motivator, propelling him to strive for excellence in everything he does.

Embodying Core Values: Drive and Persistence

For Rickey, the core value that resonates most deeply with him is Drive. "I have the determination and ambition to succeed," he explains. "Once I set high goals, I don't give up. All of this helps me to exceed expectations."

Rickey's relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with his unwavering determination, sets him apart as a shining example of what it means to embody the values of PLK Communities.

Proudest Moment: Recognition and Fuel for Growth

Reflecting on his proudest moment since joining PLK, Rickey shares, "Getting recognized for all the hard work I have accomplished so far. This nomination is more than an award—it's fuel to keep becoming."

Rickey's humility and dedication to continuous improvement serve as an inspiration to his colleagues and underscore his unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth.

Aspiring for Greatness: Learning from Role Models

If Rickey were to host his own late-night talk show, his first guest of choice would be Steve Harvey. "I want to learn what it takes to be a successful man in today's time," Rickey explains. "His journey inspires me."

Rickey's aspiration to learn from role models like Steve Harvey reflects his insatiable thirst for knowledge and his relentless pursuit of greatness.

In conclusion, Rickey's journey exemplifies the spirit of excellence and dedication that defines PLK Communities. His unwavering commitment to his role, his dedication to his colleagues and residents, and his relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth serve as a testament to the values that we hold dear as an organization.

As we celebrate Rickey's achievements, we are reminded of the invaluable contributions of each member of our PLK family. Together, we will continue to build vibrant and thriving communities that enrich the lives of all who call them home. Join us in congratulating Rickey on this well-deserved honor and in wishing him continued success in all his endeavors.

🖤 ❤️ Live Proud. LivePLK. ❤️ 🖤

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