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Work Proud - November 2022


CONGRATULATIONS, Rodney Howell, Lead Maintenance Technician at The Highlands, as our November WORK PROUD recipient!!


Rodney has been a part of the PLK family for almost 2 years now and has been making big strides. You can tell by all the wonderful things said about Rodney that he makes quite the impression. Rodney holds so many PLK Core Values, however, Ownership and Respect were front and center in his nominations. Rodney comes to work every day with a smile and is ready to support his team. Let’s take a look at the wonderful words his team members and peers had to share… 


“Rodney is constantly going. He is always on top of what needs to be done and comes in ready to lead and motivate his team to follow. Rod takes the time to show his team the next new thing that they need to know, he even set up a training station in his shop for our new employees to train on. I was so proud of how fast our new techs were learning under his instruction.”– Fellow Nominator


“Rodney started as a full-time grounds guy over 20 years ago and quickly took over the lead position with his eagerness to do more and learn more attitude. He steps up when someone is in need and is always willing to help. He takes pride in his work and works hard. He is loved by our residents, and it shows. Rodney has a heart of gold, and I wouldn’t trade him for a million dollars.”- Brooke Niederstadt, Property Manager at The Highlands


“Rodney is an amazing guy to have on your team! He’s professional, proactive, and always puts our residents first. He ensures that he completes work orders timely and thinks about problems before they arise. I will never forget at the beginning of an AC season when he took a new team member around and was looking for systems that had frozen up early on in the week to prevent on-calls for the team. He is an all-around good guy and one of a kind!”- Jacque Keller, Regional Manager


“Rod shows OWNERSHIP in all he does. I have been working with him for over 16 years and his DRIVE and INTEGRITY are very important to him at work and at home. Our residents are always telling us in the office how great our maintenance staff is and that is because Rod leads a great team.”- Alexis Warner, Assistant Manager at The Highlands