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Work Proud - November 2020


It’s apparent that Mick is a team player day in and day out. He's quick to tell vendors and colleagues alike...“We are in this together” and “We are a team!”!  Mick, we truly appreciate your commitment to Alexander Pointe and to PLK! We will continue to cheer you on as you DRIVE success at future developments!  His nominators had this to say:

“Mick is truly an asset. He always comes to work with a smile and cares about each and every person that he comes into contact with. He goes the extra mile always and is a team player. Although, he was only with us temporarily, he has been a big asset to our team and setting the property up in the right direction. He exemplifies PLK values.” r

“He gives 110% and will see each task through to completion. Also, Mick is proud of the product and the tasks that he is overseeing and ensures that it is done completely.” 

“He has such a positive attitude and his interactions with the team each day are an inspiration.” 

“Mick inspires the whole team and truly values our residents, contractors and team. The AP team is lucky to have worked with him as our Construction Superintendent.”