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Work Proud - May 2023


Celebrating Brad Slomsky: PLK Communities' May Work Proud Recipient

We are thrilled to announce Brad Slomsky, Marketing & Brand Specialist at PLK Corporate, as the recipient of the May Work Proud award. Brad has made an indelible impact on the company since joining the PLK family over a year ago. His commitment to excellence, ownership, and driving the brand forward has earned him this well-deserved recognition. Join us as we delve into Brad's remarkable contributions and the values that make him a true asset to PLK Communities.

Brad Slomsky: A Marketer Shaping the PLK Experience
Brad Slomsky's journey at PLK has been nothing short of exceptional. As a Marketing & Brand Specialist, Brad has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the company, leaving an indelible imprint on both the forefront and behind the scenes. His dedication, creativity, and determination to elevate the PLK brand have set him apart.

Excellence and Ownership: Brad's Core Values
When it comes to embodying PLK's core values, Brad consistently demonstrates excellence and ownership. Colleagues and peers have commended him for his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional work and his ability to take charge of projects. Brad's passion for his role and his dedication to raising the bar of PLK's branding efforts are evident in everything he does.

One colleague enthusiastically shared, "Brad demonstrates value. He is the one-stop shop for anything marketing. Brad is very personable and enjoys what he does. His confidence and attitude toward life are amazing. Those characteristics make him beyond valuable!"

Drive and Inspiring Others
Brad's drive and determination have not gone unnoticed. He inspires those around him to do better and encourages a higher standard of performance. His willingness to tackle challenges head-on and his dedication to personal growth have made a lasting impact on his colleagues.

A fellow nominator highlighted Brad's drive, stating, "Brad is able to channel his drive in a way that makes others around him want to do better. He is always up for a challenge and helps us all be sure to hold ourselves to a higher social media standard."

Brad's Recipe for Success
When asked about the key to his success, Brad emphasized adaptability, creativity, resilience, and embracing challenges. He believes in building meaningful connections, learning from failures, setting clear goals, and never giving up. His best work, according to Brad, is the result of collaboration and input from his team.

Embracing Adventure and Achieving Excellence
Beyond his professional achievements, Brad has also embarked on fascinating adventures. One notable experience was his exploration of London, England, last April. Additionally, he embraced a thrilling adrenaline rush by skydiving from nearly 3 miles above ground, free-falling at speeds exceeding 165 mph.

Brad Slomsky, the Marketing & Brand Specialist at PLK Corporate, stands as the epitome of excellence, ownership, and drive within the PLK Communities family. His unwavering commitment to raising the bar, embracing challenges, and inspiring his colleagues make him a deserving recipient of the May Work Proud award. PLK Communities is honored to have Brad on board, shaping the company's brand and exemplifying the values that drive our success. Congratulations, Brad, on this well-deserved recognition!