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Work Proud - May 2022


 Congratulations to Eric Stringer, Development Coordinator as our May WORK PROUD recipient! 

We are happy to have Eric as part of the PLK family as he’s been with us a little over a year. You can tell by all the wonderful things said about Eric that he is an all-in type of guy. He is always there to pitch in whenever and wherever he can. Eric holds so many PLK Core Values, that it was hard to choose, but the ones that stood front and center in his nominations are Excellence and Ownership. Eric brings passion to every little detail, always ready to tackle any task set before him. Let’s take a look at the wonderful words his team members and peers had to share… 


“Eric is an amazing member of the PLK Development team! He has sourced some great opportunities for our ever-increasing presence within our communities. Eric has an amazing ability to connect with people; Eric knows no stranger! It’s so fun to watch him interact not only with his teammates but with the entire corporate staff. His presence always comes with a smile!!” Julie Hinshaw-Office Manager


“Eric is someone who has never met a stranger, he is a genuine person that is easy to talk to and is always willing to help.  Eric talks passionately and knowledgeably about his work on the Factory 52 Gatherall and is a true representation of living PLK proud.  Eric has put in a tremendous amount of work to make a connection with each restaurateur he engages with about the F52 project and is truly deserving of this recognition.”- Brian Maloney-Asset Management Analyst


“Eric is always willing to help no matter the task at hand. He takes on new projects with energy and enthusiasm. He's a genuine team player. Eric motivates people simply through his attitude! He is always upbeat and cheerful. He has really taken on the monumental task of getting the F52 Food Hall and retail spaces leased up. This requires diligence, follow-up, and tremendous sales skills.”- Maria Lashells – Director of Marketing and Brand Management