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Work Proud - March 2024


At PLK Communities, we take immense pride in recognizing and celebrating the outstanding contributions of our team members who embody our core values and drive excellence in everything they do. This month, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Sarah Smith, our esteemed Property Manager at Burlington Oaks, as the recipient of our March WORK PROUD award.

Sarah's journey with PLK Communities has been nothing short of inspiring. From the moment she joined our team, her unwavering dedication, positivity, and commitment to excellence have set her apart as a true leader in our industry. Her impact extends far beyond her role as a Property Manager – she is a beacon of inspiration for her colleagues and a pillar of support for our residents.

In the words of Sarah's peers, her leadership qualities are truly remarkable. They describe her as someone who stays positive in the face of adversity, motivates her team to be their best, and leads by example. Her willingness to roll up her sleeves and tackle challenges head-on is a testament to her resilience and dedication to her craft.

Sarah's commitment to our core values, particularly respect, is evident in every interaction she has with her team and residents. She goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone feels valued and heard, creating a supportive and inclusive community where everyone can thrive.

In a recent conversation with Sarah, we had the opportunity to gain insight into her journey and proudest moments since joining PLK Communities. She shared that her key to success lies in focusing on goals rather than obstacles, and her passion for driving positive change within her community is what motivates her every day.

Sarah's dedication to continuous improvement is exemplified not only in her professional endeavors but also in her personal pursuits. As an avid cook, she finds joy in experimenting with new recipes, particularly pasta dishes inspired by her latest TikTok finds.

As we reflect on Sarah's journey, we are reminded of the importance of recognizing and celebrating excellence within our team. Sarah's commitment to our core values and her unwavering dedication to our community make her a truly deserving recipient of the March WORK PROUD award.

Congratulations, Sarah, on this well-deserved recognition! Your leadership, positivity, and drive inspire us all to strive for greatness, and we are honored to have you as a valued member of the PLK family. Here's to many more achievements and milestones together!

At PLK Communities, we believe that success is not just measured by individual accomplishments but by the collective efforts of a dedicated team working towards a common goal. Join us in congratulating Sarah Smith on this incredible achievement and in celebrating the spirit of excellence that defines our community. Together, we will continue to WORK PROUD and make a positive impact in the lives of those we serve.