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Work Proud - March 2022

Join me in CONGRATULATING Mike Rough, Maintenance Technician, at Latitude at Deerfield as our March WORK PROUD recipient!!


We are happy to have Mike as part of the PLK family even in such a short time, you can tell by all the wonderful things said about Mike he is making quite the impression everywhere he goes. Mike holds so many PLK Core Values, it was hard to choose, but the ones that stood front and center in his nominations are Integrity and Respect. Mike brings a positive attitude to work each and every day, ready to tackle all task given to him. Let’s take a look at the wonderful words his team members and peers had to say… 


“It’s been 30 days since Mike started at Latitude and he has fit right in with our team- Mike brings his huge smile and positive attitude everyday and encourages others. He has a great sense of humor – which makes for a better day for all and his work ethic is amazing. He is definitely a team player -willing to help out anywhere needed.  We are looking forward to working with Mike and seeing what 2022 brings.”-Marilee Cope, Property Manager at Latitude at Deerfield


“Mike seamlessly joined the Latitude team, and we could not be happier. Mike is always positive and has such an inviting and warm smile. He is a great addition and balance to an already excellent team.”-Sarah West, Regional Manager  


Mike works with Integrity every day when he comes into work with nothing but smiles and willingness to learn. He always finds the positive in any situation and goes over and beyond for the residents. He’s always very pleasant and has a joke for the team to keep our spirits upbeat.”-Fellow Nominator


“Mike is a pleasure to work with; he is extremely friendly and respectful. Mike always has something positive to say or a joke to crack to lighten the mood. He is always open to lending a hand when someone is in need. He is very passionate about learning and takes pride in his job, being customer-oriented and resourceful; if he doesn’t know it, he will reach out to get the answer. Mike is a true treasure for any team he is a part of.”-Meeka Jones, Property Manager at Burgundy Court