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Work Proud- June 2021

Please Join us in CONGRATULATING, Meeka Jones, Property Manager at Burgundy Court, as our June WORK PROUD recipient!!

We are happy to have Meeka as part of the PLK family as she’s been with us just shy of 2 years. You can tell by all the wonderful things said about Meeka that she is a force and leaves her sparkle everywhere she goes. Meeka holds so many PLK Core Values, it was hard to choose, but the ones that stood front and center in her nominations are Drive and Ownership. Meeka brings passion to every little detail, always ready to tackle all task set before her. Let’s take a look at the wonderful words her team members and peers shared…

“Meeka continuously works hard with so much Drive at Burgundy and she has done so most of the year without a full team. She is a ball of energy and strives to do right by her residents. She goes above and beyond tackling everything and anything needed to keep the residents happy. Meeka is passionate about putting her best foot forward and taking Ownership of whatever job must be done.”- Fellow Nominator

“Meeka is not afraid to get her hands dirty to get the job done. Since my time with PLK, I have watched her overcome obstacles as a new Property Manager. It’s her Drive that ensures you she is always going to work as hard as she can to complete tasks and make sure that her property is taken care of. She gives 110% all day every day. Meeka is a trooper in every instance, and she is just so positive even when she is having a bad day.”- Fellow Nominator

“Meeka has been a force to be reckoned with as she came in ready to conquer the property management world with her magnificent DRIVE. She is full of life and LOVE and is sure to spread it wherever she goes with her bright smile and infectious personality! One thing I can ALWAYS count on Meeka for is her great questions, always thinking and processing information and bringing foresight to any circumstance to ensure EXCELLENCE! Meeka is very hardworking and diligent and therefore very deserving of this recognition!” Erica Moss, HR Generalist

“Meeka is such a bright light! Her sense of Ownership and her passion is unmatched. Meeka is the person that rises in the face of a challenge and leaves the entire situation lighter and more colorful at the end. She is tenacious and never gives up. Her ability to remain productive when a million things are going on is incredible and truly inspiring. I am so PROUD of her and to work with her. That laugh can illuminate a room! She is simply the best.”- Jen Van Treese, Training & Marketing Educator