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Work Proud - July 2023

Celebrating John House - July's Exemplary WORK PROUD Awardee

In the bustling realm of construction and property development, there are few individuals who stand out not just for their technical expertise, but for their unwavering commitment to excellence. Today, we proudly shine the spotlight on one such luminary, **John House**, our esteemed Vice President of Construction at PLK Communities. As we honor him with the prestigious July WORK PROUD award, it's our privilege to share the narrative of a professional who has truly left an indelible mark on our organization.

A Journey of Dedication and Distinction

Over the past few years, John has emerged as an irreplaceable pillar of PLK's growth and evolution. His journey with us has been marked by an unparalleled dedication to the art and science of construction, exemplifying the very essence of what it means to be WORK PROUD. With each project he undertakes, John's passion becomes palpable through the sheer attention to detail he brings to the table. His keen eye for precision, coupled with a relentless pursuit of perfection, has consistently elevated our new construction projects to pinnacles of success that resonate long after the final nail has been hammered.

Peer Acclaim: Resonating Tributes

John's contributions have not gone unnoticed by his peers, who have come forward to express their admiration and gratitude. One colleague aptly noted, "John House is the epitome of teamwork and unwavering commitment to project completion. His leadership during the construction of Alexander Pointe was pivotal to its remarkable success." These sentiments are echoed by another colleague who described John as "a true gem" and praised his willingness to share knowledge and time, making collaboration a joy. It's evident that John's influence extends beyond blueprints and construction sites – he's a beacon of inspiration, setting the standards for collaboration and camaraderie.

Foundation of Success: Teamwork and Love

When asked about his key to success, John humbly attributes it to two factors: Teamwork and Love. In his own words, he reflects, "I have been fortunate in Ohio to build relationships that transcend work. I strive daily to consider how my actions reflect on others and on PLK." This awareness of the profound impact his work has on the lives of individuals and the larger community is a testament to his holistic approach to leadership.

Core Value Embodiment: LOVE

For John, the core value that resonates most is LOVE. It's a sentiment that extends not only to his work, but also to the team he collaborates with at PLK. His adoration for his craft and his colleagues is palpable, creating an atmosphere where passion thrives and accomplishments flourish. John's commitment to his work is an embodiment of the profound connection between passion and professional success.

Proud Moments: Milestones that Define

Among the many milestones John has achieved, one holds a special place in his heart. He vividly recalls a dinner with the executive team following the completion of the Alexander Pointe project. "Peter and the team almost gave us a standing ovation for the success of the project," he reminisces. It's these moments of acknowledgment that remind us all of the impact our efforts have, not just on our organization, but on the lives we touch.

Epitome of Bravery: Beyond Construction

While John's excellence is evident within the construction domain, his bravery extends far beyond blueprints and concrete. A truly awe-inspiring incident took place during a project in Missouri. A mother with two small children faced a life-threatening situation, and it was John's swift action and CPR training that played a pivotal role in saving her life. This is a testament to his unwavering commitment to humanity and the well-being of those around him.

In conclusion, John House is a beacon of excellence, a leader who infuses every project with passion, and a professional whose impact extends far beyond the realms of construction. His dedication to teamwork, love for his craft, and unwavering commitment to his peers make him a true embodiment of PLK's values. As we celebrate his accomplishments and honor him with the July WORK PROUD award, we look forward to the continued brilliance he brings to PLK Communities. John House, you are a source of inspiration and a true asset to our organization. Congratulations! 🌟👷‍♂️

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