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Work Proud- July 2021

Please join me in CONGRATULATING, Brandon Kessen, Maintenance Technician at Northgate Meadows, as our July WORK PROUD recipient!!

We are happy to have Brandon as part of the PLK family as he’s been with us a little over 2 years. You can tell by all the wonderful things said about Brandon that he is the guy to go to. Brandon is a hard worker, always quick to get the job done and there to give you a laugh when needed. Brandon holds so many of our PLK Core Values, it was hard to choose, but the ones that stood front and center in his nominations were Integrity and Respect. Brandon is always ready to start the day by jumping in and helping his team get the job done. Let’s look at the wonderful words his team members and peers had to share…

“Brandon has a get up and go attitude and uses humor to lighten the mood even in stressful situations. He makes the team environment better each day. He always has a positive attitude about things and his self-awareness is admirable. Brandon’s Ownership always has him stepping up to complete a task, but he is also the first person to admit if he did something wrong.”- Fellow Nominator

“Brandon is dependable! When Jon was out on vacation, he stepped up and got the job done with a smile every day. He will say or do things to make everyday fun, and he always has something nice to say.”- Fellow Nominator

“He always comes in with a smile on his face regardless of how he feels that day. He’s always willing to help and works hard. Brandon’s Respect for his team and the residents is what makes it so easy to keep a smile on your face because you just know he enjoys what he does and the team he works beside.”- Fellow Nominator

“Brandon is an amazing team member to work with and has been an asset to the Northgate Team! He has partnered with John and helped to get Northgate down to zero work orders in the past few months. Brandon has shown a desire to grow and take on new challenges, while trying to provide excellent customer service for the residents. I can’t wait to see what else Brandon does in his Property Management career. Northgate would not run as smoothly without him on the team!”- Jacque Keller, Regional Manager