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Work Proud- January 2022

Please Join us in CONGRATULATING, Amber Morris, Property Manager at Echelon and Gentry East, as our January WORK PROUD recipient!!

Amber has been a part of the PLK family for over 4 years. You can tell by all the wonderful things said about Amber that she makes quite the impression everywhere she goes. Amber holds so many PLK Core Values, however EXCELLENCE and DRIVE were front and center in her nominations. Amber brings a positive attitude to work each day ready to motivate her team and greet everyone with a smile. Let’s take a look at the wonderful words her team members and peers had to share…

“Amber has a way about her that makes the entire team excited to come to work. I am brand new to the PLK family and Amber has made my transition so easy. She instantly made me feel included in the team, Amber has been amazing at teaching me the PLK way. She makes everyone feel appreciated and VALUED. Amber is the first person to celebrate even the smallest successes.” – Fellow Nominator

“Amber is such a rockstar, always making sure her team is set up for success and giving 100%. Her energy from the moment she walks in the door makes you feel glad to be a part of this team. Amber is consistently motivating you to strive to do better.” – Fellow Nominator

“Amber uplifts everyone she is connected to because she truly exhibits EXCELLENCE in all facets of creating a successful community. The working atmosphere at Echelon/Gentry East is productive and FUN! The sense of community Ambers’ residents enjoy is alive and palpable. Amber has built a wonderful sense of community through her thoughtfulness, attention to detail and lifting others around her. There isn’t a day that goes by where Amber isn’t giving into her LOVE and passion for people. Especially FUN to witness are the community members’ little fur-baby doggies getting in on some of that Amber LOVE! The community events held at Echelon/Gentry East are some of the best attended because genuine relationships are nurtured daily. Amber’s number one legacy is having a positive impact on everyone she meets. I have learned so much about what EXCELLENCE looks like and being “ALL IN” just by being around Amber!”-Sue Weidner-Training & Marketing Educator

“Amber is the very definition of DRIVEN! Amber started with PLK as a Leasing Consultant at Lakefront at West Chester and in just 5 short months, Amber was promoted to Property Manager of Monroe Terrace. I was NOT surprised. Then, in just one year, Amber was promoted again to a bigger community, Waterstone Place. And then again, in another year, another promotion to Echelon. And now, Amber is not only knocking it out the park in managing Echelon, but she is ADDING to her unit count with the Gentry East addition! It is always a pleasure to work with Amber, if I ask her to do something, I KNOW it will be done and done right… which for me, is a sign of RESPECTFULNESS. And at the end of the day… if I want a good laugh or a fun conversation, I can count on Amber for a chuckle or two. She is such a great part of the PLK family, and I am so PROUD of her!”- Erica Moses-HR Generalist