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Work Proud - February 2023


Congratulations to Dottie Smith, our February 2023 WORK PROUD recipient!

We are pleased to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dottie Smith, Assistant Property Manager at Vantage Pointe, on being selected as the recipient of the prestigious WORK PROUD award for the month of February. With nearly 8 years of dedicated service to the PLK family, Dottie has consistently proven herself to be an invaluable asset to her team. The resounding praise and admiration expressed by her colleagues are a testament to the lasting impression she has made. Dottie's unwavering commitment to our PLK Core Values, particularly Drive and Unity, has not gone unnoticed. Her unwavering support for her team is evident in her daily efforts. Let us now delve into the eloquent words shared by her team members and peers.

One fellow nominator spoke of Dottie's inspirational presence, highlighting her diligent work ethic and her remarkable ability to maintain composure in any given situation. They stated, "Dottie inspires me every day; I witness firsthand her unwavering dedication and her remarkable ability to remain calm amidst any challenge."

Another nominator emphasized Dottie's exceptional work ethic and dedication, which serve as a constant source of motivation for others. They remarked, "Dottie is an incredibly hardworking and dedicated individual. Her commitment to excellence compels me to strive for greatness, giving 110% each day. Moreover, she consistently demonstrates a strong sense of teamwork and ensures that everyone is well-informed about their daily tasks."

Jessie Grant, Property Manager at Vantage Pointe West, expressed her appreciation for working alongside Dottie, emphasizing her diligence and unwavering determination to see tasks through to completion. She stated, "I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with Dottie. She exhibits unwavering diligence and an unwavering commitment to the VPW team and PLK as a whole."

Jacque Keller, Regional Manager, acknowledged Dottie's integral role within the VPW team and her remarkable ability to handle the substantial administrative responsibilities at Vantage Pointe. Furthermore, Jacque expressed gratitude for Dottie's invaluable skill set and contributions to the team, stating, "Dottie brings a sense of joy to the workplace and is an indispensable member of the VPW team. Her expertise in managing a wide array of tasks, including an extensive volume of renewals, invoicing, and final accounts, is truly commendable. We would undoubtedly be at a loss without her remarkable skill set and abilities. Dottie, thank you for your unwavering commitment to PLK and the VPW team."

In addition to the commendable testimonials shared by Dottie's colleagues, we had the opportunity to engage with her directly and gain insight into the factors contributing to her success. We asked Dottie a series of questions, and her responses shed light on her approach to her work and her personal values.

When asked about the key to her success, Dottie emphasized the importance of organization. She shared, "The key to my success is organization. Before I even clock in, I make sure I have my writing pad and pen ready. It's easy to get overwhelmed and overlook issues that require attention. Being aware of your responsibilities and equipping yourself to handle them is crucial. PLK provides us with a wealth of tools, and I encourage reaching out to your Property Manager or referring to the PLK directory for a quick response. Additionally, attending PLK events offers an opportunity to learn from others' experiences."

Reflecting on PLK's Core Values, we asked Dottie which value she felt represented her best. She unequivocally stated, "The core value that represents me best is Respect. Our community comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds, and at times, language barriers arise. To bridge that gap, I go the extra mile to ensure residents feel heard and understood. Google Translate has been a valuable resource in facilitating communication in various languages. Treating others with the respect I would want for myself is paramount."

When inquiring about the best piece of advice she has ever received, Dottie shared a profound insight. She said, "The best piece of advice I've ever been given is that people just want to be heard. Sometimes, lending an ear and genuinely listening to others can make a tremendous difference."

To capture Dottie's proudest moment since joining PLK, she recounted an accomplishment that showcases her keen attention to detail and dedication to the company's success. She expressed, "My proudest moment since joining PLK was when I reached a point in my role where I could identify instances of vendors overcharging. I took the initiative to contact those vendors and successfully negotiate credits. Being able to contribute to cost savings for PLK was truly rewarding."

Dottie's responses highlight her commitment to the organization, respect for others, and attentive listening, all of which have undoubtedly played a significant role in her success. Her ability to detect and rectify inefficiencies demonstrates her dedication to PLK's values and the company's overall growth.

Dottie Smith's remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication to her team and PLK exemplify the qualities we hold dear. She embodies the spirit of excellence and serves as an inspiration to us all. Once again, we extend our warmest congratulations to Dottie on this well-deserved recognition.