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Work Proud - December 2022


CONGRATULATIONS, Suz Main, Property Manager at Alexander Pointe, as our December WORK PROUD recipient!!


Suz has been a part of the PLK family for a year and a half and she has been making big strides. You can tell by all the wonderful things said about Suz that she is a force. Suz holds so many PLK Core Values, however, Unity and Ownership were front and center in her nominations. Suz comes to work every day, focused on ways to keep the team motivated and get the community involved. Let’s look at the wonderful words her team and peers had to share… 


“It’s pretty tough to narrow things down. Honestly, everyone is so helpful here, but Suz is always so filled with joy and is super helpful with everything. She’s super energized, even in the early morning and it helps get my mood up.” – Fellow Nominator


“Every day Suz greets me with the warmest welcome and never hesitates to make sure I'm okay throughout the day. She's very informative and makes working with PLK a great experience. Suz is loved throughout the community and is very personable with our residents, making it easy for them to feel at home.” – Fellow Nominator


“She is a total team player and jumps in wherever needed. Suz shows excellence in everything she does. Her positive attitude always puts a smile on your face and just inspires you to do better. She leads by example and always helps where she is needed.” – Fellow Nominator


“She is a walking PLK Mantra. She always helps no matter what it is she is doing and whenever I feel overwhelmed, she helps level me out. There was a time when a new resident was moving into their new home, but it was not up to their standards and Suz reassured them how we would handle it and make it right as soon as possible.” – Fellow Nominator