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Work Proud- December 2021

Please join us in CONGRATULATING, Jacque Keller, Regional Manager, as our December WORK PROUD recipient!!

We are happy to have Jacque as part of the PLK family as she’s been with us just shy of 9 years. We couldn’t do what we do without Jacque’s leadership … she exemplifies every essence of the PLK Core Values! Ownership and Drive are just a few that stood out the most in the wonderful words her team members and colleagues had to say…Let’s take a look


“She is Positive, Kind, Respectful, and always willing to help and support in any way she can! I am proud to have Jacque as a coworker every day, she is a valuable person and resource to help our property prosper. I enjoy her joyful personality and her positive work ethic.” – Fellow Nominator


“She is always evaluating how she can improve, as well as helping us the team members she works directly with. She honestly wants all of us to succeed; and she does not hesitate to share constructive feedback or important lessons for people to move forward and grow! – Fellow Nominator

“Jacque is one of the most caring and compassionate team members that we have on our team. Her positive attitude is refreshing and she truly empowers her teams to be better all around.” – Fellow Nominator


“Jacque is an amazing regional and person, she is very helpful and goes above and beyond. I love working with Jacque she always has a positive attitude and carries a smile.”– Fellow Nominator


“Jacque is one of the hardest working team members I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She leads by example and takes OWNERSHIP in all that she does. Jacque’s DRIVE for success and EXCELLENCE is reflected through the results of her teams. She juggles so much but does so with grace and makes her role look effortless.”-Carrie Kendrick, Recovery and Compliance Specialist