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Work Proud - December 2020


Alicia joined the Regional Operations Team just over a year ago and her leadership is already evident! She exemplifies a blend of our PLK Core Values including Drive, Excellence, and Ownership. Following are the wonderful words her team members and peers had to say…

“Alicia is a genuinely positive person who does not hesitate to link arms with her team and help them accomplish their goals. She leads by example, sets high standards for herself and her team members, and works diligently to achieve them. 

“Alicia continues to set the bar high! She is always evaluating how she can improve personally while also helping her team along the way. She wants the best for everyone and she does not hesitate to share constructive feedback or important lessons for people to move forward and grow!  

“Alicia most closely reflects our Core Value - Ownership! Alicia owns everything she touches! She celebrates the successes of her team and does not hesitate to accept ownership and accountability for mistakes. She looks at each property and financial as an opportunity for her team to shine! 

“Alicia is a hard worker, she is driven, she does not hesitate to lend a helping hand to her peers, as well as her respective communities. She leads by example, she takes Ownership for everything she touches, loves her team and strives for Excellence.” 

“I am PROUD every single day. Alicia is a wonderful team member and helps make PLK the best it can be!