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Work Proud- August 2021

Join us in CONGRATULATING, Julie Hinshaw, Office Manager at Corporate Office, as our August WORK PROUD recipient!!

We are so happy to have Julie as part of the PLK family, you would never know that Julie has been in her role just shy of a year. Julie brings all the laughs to the office as she passes by your desk, she can’t stay and chat long as she has so much to do, but her presence is always friendly and kind. You can tell by all the wonderful things said about Julie that she leaves her sparkle everywhere she goes. Julie holds so many PLK Core Values, it was hard to choose, but the ones that stood front and center in her nominations are Love and Respect. Julie brings so much energy and passion to every little detail, she’s always ready to lend a helping hand and tackle all tasks set before her. Let’s look at the wonderful words her team members and peers had to share…

“I just LOVE me some Julie!! She is thoughtful, kind, caring and always conducts herself with RESPECT towards her fellow co-workers… and most importantly, she is SUPER fun! There isn’t a day that goes by where she and I aren’t laughing!! The corporate office hasn’t been the same since she arrived on the scene! She LOVES PLK and is so happy to be here and truly tries to serve ALL in the entire company, trying to find ways to help make life easier for us all. I am SO happy she is on our team and look forward to our continued partnership and UNITY in supporting the company and team members!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO Ms. Julie, the recognition is truly deserved!!! “😊 - Erica Moss, HR Generalist

“What cannot be said about Julie? First off, Love she is always right there ready to greet you with a warm smile and a friendly good morning and an offer of her assistance on whatever she can to help you with to make your day that much easier. It’s one of three constants in my day that I can look forward to & believe me I do. That’s just the opening greeting, throughout the day she is checking her to-do boxes, zipping about the office, keeping us fed & supplies stocked, all the while still maintaining that sunny deposition of hers that we all strive to achieve each day. She maintains that joy until 5pm when we see her disappear on the elevator at the end of each day.”- Mark Anthony Smith, IT Administrator

“Julie greets you every morning with a smile on her face and an upbeat, positive attitude. She is always so helpful and friendly! I’m not sure how she manages everything on her to do list, it’s never ending, but she does so with grace and RESPECT. Julie is a pleasure to work with, she is the first face you see when you enter the corporate office for a reason. She’s just good at what she does, and we appreciate her!” – Megan Rothenbush, Marketing & Brand Management Administrator

“Julie is an amazing office manager that makes walking through the front door more enjoyable each morning. She is a compassionate person who genuinely cares how you are doing and doesn’t hesitate to ask what’s wrong or offer help. She has an amazing sense of humor and has a way of connecting with everyone, it’s hard not to have a laugh when you’re around her. Julie takes Ownership in everything that she does, she is definitely the person you want planning a party, she finds a way to make any event extra special with décor or a theme to set the vibe ensuring everyone has a good time! I was so happy to hear Julie was nominated as she not only does a fantastic job, but she also goes out of her way to make sure everyone feels included and is always so positive.”- Brian Maloney, Asset Management Analyst