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Work Proud - April 2023


Congratulations to Nature Jones, our April 2023 WORK PROUD recipient!

Please join us in extending our warmest congratulations to Nature Jones, the Property Manager at Lafeuille, for being recognized as PLK Communities' April 'Work Proud' recipient. Nature's exceptional dedication, strong work ethic, and embodiment of PLK's core values have made her a standout employee. Let's delve into the inspiring words shared by Nature's co-workers and peers.

Nature's Exemplary Work Ethic and Ownership: Nature has been an integral part of the PLK family for two years and has consistently made significant strides in her role. Her colleagues speak highly of her unwavering work ethic and her commitment to leading by example. One co-worker shares, "Nature always works hard and would never ask someone to do something she wouldn't do herself. Her ownership is one of the things I admire about Nature. I am always proud to have worked with her." Nature's dedication to property management, team leadership, and ensuring the job gets done while prioritizing the well-being of contractors, residents, prospects, and team members has been instrumental in her success.

Compassion and Grace in Handling Difficult Conversations: Nature's colleagues commend her for her genuine care and compassion towards her team and everyone around her. Even during challenging conversations, she displays immense grace and empathy. Another co-worker states, "Nature loves her team, residents, and everyone around her. She handles even the most difficult conversations with so much compassion and grace." This ability to approach challenging situations with understanding and sensitivity reflects Nature's exceptional leadership skills.

Turning Challenges into Positive Change: Since joining PLK, Nature has demonstrated a remarkable ability to take full ownership of the Lafeuille property. Her colleagues acknowledge the incredible turnaround she has achieved within just two years. Despite encountering numerous obstacles, Nature remains steadfast in her commitment to making positive changes and pushing everything in a positive direction. As one co-worker highlights, "Nature has conquered so many challenges thrown at her, yet she continues to make positive changes and pushes everything in a positive direction."

Inspiring Tenacity and Perseverance: Nature's unwavering determination in the face of adversity serves as a constant source of inspiration for her team. Even during difficult times, she does not give up but rather regroups and takes another run at it. Her perseverance serves as a model for her colleagues, empowering them to keep moving forward. A co-worker shares, "When times are hard, Nature doesn't give up and throw in the towel. She regroups and takes another run at it. She models this tenacity for her team every day."

Nature's Perspective and Keys to Success: When asked about the key to her success, Nature attributes it to her strong work ethic and leading by example. She emphasizes that she would never ask her team to do something she wouldn't do herself. Furthermore, Nature acknowledges the support she receives from her friends and family, as well as the importance of maintaining a work-life balance, allowing her to work hard and play hard.

Embodying the Core Value of Ownership: Nature identifies the core value of Ownership as the one that best represents her. Reflecting on Lafeuille's transformation over the past two years, she takes immense pride in the community's growth. Nature shares, "I think back to where Lafeuille was two years ago and where it is now, and I'm blown away. I take pride in this community; watching it blossom has made all the hard work worth it."

A Passion for Gardening and the Joy of Watching Others Grow: Nature's aspirations extend beyond her professional life. She expresses a desire to pursue gardening as a hobby, even though she humorously admits to being terrible at it. She hopes to learn some tricks and start a garden.  

Nature's Proudest Moment Since Joining PLK: When asked about her proudest moment since joining PLK, Nature humbly shifts the focus away from herself and highlights a heartwarming experience centered around the growth and success of her team members. She shares, "Describing my proudest moment, well, it's not really about me, but it's an easy one! Watching Chuck and Chris excelling in their new positions! And now I have Maia who is just crushing every task delegated to her! I love watching people grow!"

Nature's joy in witnessing the professional development and achievements of her team members is a testament to her exceptional leadership and mentorship skills. She takes immense pride in their accomplishments, recognizing that their growth reflects not only their dedication but also the supportive environment she fosters within the team. Nature's ability to inspire and empower others to reach their full potential is a testament to her leadership style and commitment to cultivating a culture of growth and success.

As Nature continues to lead by example and foster a nurturing environment, it is evident that her dedication to watching her team members thrive and excel is deeply rooted in her passion for their individual and collective growth. Her proudest moments are a reflection of the positive impact she has made as a leader, and they serve as a testament to her ability to inspire and uplift those around her.

Conclusion: Nature Jones, PLK Communities' April 'Work Proud' recipient, has not only demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and embodiment of PLK's core values but also showcased her commitment to fostering the growth and success of her team members. Her proudest moments revolve around the accomplishments of her colleagues, emphasizing her dedication to their professional development. Congratulations once again to Nature Jones for her well-deserved recognition and for being a true source of inspiration within the PLK community.