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We Make Time for the Good Things!


There are a lot of opportunities to share about our organization and the bright future that lies ahead with the new developments underway and a commitment to grow our portfolio. That said, it's only part of our story. Our leadership team is wholeheartedly dedicated to pouring time, energy, and resources into each one of us.
Is it hard to find time to gather the entire group and share ideas? Yes. Does it seem like there's never a good time to close the offices to do team lunch? Yes. Is it challenging to make next level training a priority? Yes.
Yet, we figure it out. We get time together to share our ideas. We get many opportunities both virtually and in-person to learn new things. We get to sit and share lunch and laugh together. We are recognized for our hard work and for hanging tough. It's our work version of #selfcare.
We’re proud of this commitment. We love what it does for a person’s spirit. We find joy in camaraderie. Isn’t it time you found a work family which wants to fill your bucket? Check out our PLK Careers page for your next opportunity.
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