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DRIVE event participants in several photos completing activities.

Ready, Set, Goals!

We are still riding high after unveiling our goal to achieve 9,000 units as a portfolio by 2029 at our Celebration of Excellence last month! During this day of celebration, we completed a team activity to encompass our Core Value focus for 2019, DRIVE. Each and every one of our amazing team members selected their integral part to construct “building blocks” for a “Bridge to the Future.” Those parts included team leaders, cardboard cutters, column designers, builders, designers and mentors! We truly do it all at PLK! Each team’s blocks became a visual representation of what is necessary for PLK’s growth into the future. It was genuinely inspirational to watch the DRIVE as 14 blocks ultimately come together to create, PLK’s “Bridge to the Future.”

This is how PLK sets goals… Will we see you at the finish line?

If you want to see what DRIVE means to PLK, check out the video on our homepage!