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PLK Work Proud - November 2019


Congratulations to John Brunner, Lead Maintenance Technician, at Lakefront at West Chester in West Chester, OH who is our November WORK PROUD recipient!

John received multiple nominations from his colleagues as someone who exemplifies the PLK Core Values! Take a look at what some of his team members had to say…

“He has been the best supervisor I have ever had, even before he became Lead. He has shown and taught me more things than anyone else. And he never judges, or makes me feel rushed. He is always patient and understanding. Even when we have been short staffed and behind on some things, he always has time to help and teach.” – Fellow Nominator

 “John has been kicking butt and taking names at Lakefront. He’s been in between techs right now, but he’s always had a positive attitude about it when you talk to him. He is the first to jump in and help and doesn’t mind showing team members different things or helping the leasing team if they need something.”  - Jacque, Regional Manager

“He works his hardest and never does anything half-way. He always puts his best effort in everything he does. And he is always friendly and upbeat to residents. He is just an awesome guy to work with. No matter how short staffed we are, he pushes through but not in an aggressive sort of way. In a 'we can do this' kind of way.” – Fellow Nominator