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Rachel Smith Bio picture

PLK Work Proud - March 2020

Our Work Proud movement is all about recognizing someone who: brings their best self to their position and their team every day, sets and achieves goals consistently and willingly contributes to the overall success of PLK and furthering our Live Proud culture! Congratulations Rachel! #successminded #culture #leadership

Rachel received multiple nominations from her colleagues as someone who exemplifies the PLK Core Values! Take a look at what some of her team members had to say.

“Rachel has always given a helping hand. Very easy to come to when needing questions answered and is loved by all residents. Very positive energy.”

“Rachel has always assisted me when needed and has shown me how to get prepared for the next step when wanting to move up the industry. Even though we currently do not work together, I can call her for anything and she will walk me through the steps.”

 If you had to associate the nominee with one of the PLK Mantra's core values, what would it be? Why?“Ownership, She takes pride in all that she does. She owns everything that comes her way.”

“I was proud when she had an angry resident yelling at her and she smiled and didn't change her ways no matter how the resident was with her. I look up to her.”

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