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PLK Communities' Training Department Makes 2024 Training APEX Awards Top 100


Empowering Excellence: PLK Communities Recognized in Training Magazine's 2024 APEX Awards

We are thrilled to share a momentous achievement with our community—PLK Communities has secured a prestigious position on Training magazine's illustrious list of the top 100 companies celebrated for their exceptional training departments and programs in the 2024 Training APEX Awards. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth within our organization.

The Distinction

Training magazine, a trailblazer in the Learning and Development industry, recently unveiled the winners of the 2024 Training APEX Awards. These awards are designed to acknowledge organizations that go above and beyond in their commitment to employer-sponsored training and development programs. The official rankings will be unveiled during the grandeur of the Training APEX Awards Gala on February 26, 2024, at the 2024 Training Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL.

Acknowledging our Training Pioneers

This incredible achievement wouldn't have been possible without the steadfast dedication of our Director of Training & Development, Melinda Howard, and her team of exceptional training associates (Alexis, Bella, Chuck, Jenn, Lindsey, Rebecca, and Sue.) Their passion, expertise, and relentless commitment to excellence have been the driving force behind our success in this arena.

Understanding the Benchmarks

The APEX Awards ranking is a result of a comprehensive evaluation that takes into account a myriad of benchmarking statistics and both qualitative and quantitative factors. This includes considerations such as the total training budget, the percentage of payroll allocated to training initiatives, the scope and depth of training programs provided, and the detailed formal and informal training programs that make up our holistic approach to employee development.

Furthermore, the evaluation examines the alignment of our training initiatives with our business and unit goals, as well as the efficacy of our training programs assessed through Kirkpatrick Level 3 and 4 evaluations. The ultimate measure of success is, of course, the business outcomes resulting from our commitment to training and development.

A Commitment to Continuous Learning

At PLK Communities, we remain committed to empowering our team through continuous learning, and this acknowledgment fuels our determination to soar even higher. Join us on this journey of excellence! 🚀

Read the article on Training Magazine's website by [CLICKING HERE]

🖤 ❤️ Live Proud. Live PLK. ❤️ 🖤

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