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February Focus: Training and Development with PLK


February marked the continued push to provide opportunities and growth for ALL levels of our PLK team! PLK is founded on focusing on PEOPLE! So, what does that focus on our People look like? 

Well in February, it looked like two sessions of Leasing Training- Evolution of Excellence in Sales AND Systems. This is our 3 day on boarding program for our on-site teams that covers not only leasing components, but education and instruction on using our cutting-edge platforms, like our software, Resman. The cool thing about this course is that it is open to seasoned team members as well as new hires. This provides a chance to revisit the basics and for our new team members to connect with and learn from our seasoned team members. What an awesome catalyst for development. 

Focus on our People also looked like the first of 2 annual Manager's Meetings. These meetings are not just used to discuss housekeeping items, but to empower our leaders on the ground! Various presentations and chances to interact are a catalyst for refreshing empowerment for our teams. Successes were celebrated and a focus on 2019 goals were prime topics involved in this meeting. Not to mention a "sweet" visit from CORT Furniture, who kindly provided delicious afternoon treats!

To round out our focus on training and development for February, two of our Operations Team Members were able to attend the Training Conference and Expo in Orlando, FL. This served as a meeting of the minds for the educators from a variety of backgrounds. Informative and interactive learning sessions served as inspiration to our Directors of Marketing and Training and of Business Systems. Keep your eyes open for further growth in our Training and Education Team as new skills and approaches are implemented in 2019!

We hope that your 2019 is up and running with Drive and Development!