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Decibel Korean fried chicken opening inside Gatherall food hall at Norwood's Factory 52


We are thrilled to announce another fantastic reason to be excited about Gatherall.

Decibel Korean Fried Chicken, which first launched inside of Kroger's 1010 On the Rhine food hall in 2021 before expanding adjacent to Esoteric Brewing in Walnut Hills, will be bringing their LOUD and proud Korean Fried Chicken to Gatherall in early 2023.

Korean fried chicken differs from its American counterpart both in the spices and flavor profile used and in the fact that it is deep-fried twice, giving it an extra crispy shell. Decibel serves up wings, drumsticks, and chicken tenders, as well as sandwiches made with the tenders and topped with sesame cole slaw, pickled cucumbers, and "fly" sauce. It also has a Korean hot dog on the menu, which is battered and coated in panko before being deep-fried twice and topped with fly sauce and gochujang (Korean chili paste) barbecue sauce. The same method is used to prepare and fry mozzarella sticks as well. For vegans, cauliflower "wings" are battered and twice-fried just like the chicken.

Read all the delicious details here:

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