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A Day In The Life of our Director of Marketing & Brand Management: Maria Lashells


Exploring a Day in the Life of Maria Lashells: A Marketing Maven at PLK Communities

Meet Maria Lashells, the Strategic Marketing Visionary at PLK Communities

At PLK Communities, excellence in marketing and brand management is embodied by individuals like Maria Lashells, who bring over two decades of expertise to the table. Maria is the Director of Marketing & Brand Management, a seasoned professional with a proven track record in strategic planning, brand management, consumer engagement, and maximizing ROI in marketing initiatives.

With a strategic mindset that is not bound by the limitations of the present, Maria envisions and executes marketing strategies that go beyond the ordinary. Over the years, Maria has showcased her financial acumen and ability to deliver impactful results while optimizing resources.

A Proven Leader with a Passion for Building Strong Teams

Maria is not only results-oriented but also a passionate leader with exceptional team-building skills. Leading marketing and training departments with a national reach, Maria has shown her ability to foster a collaborative and growth-centric work culture. Her passion for nurturing talent and developing teams is a testament to her commitment to excellence.

A Day in the Life: Insights into Maria's Professional Journey

In our "Day In The Life" video series episode featuring Maria Lashells, we delve into a typical day for this marketing trailblazer. Gain unique insights into her daily routine, her approach to tackling marketing challenges, and how she shapes the brand identity for PLK Communities.

Join us on this enlightening journey to witness Maria's strategic thinking and her drive to push the boundaries of 'what could be'. Learn firsthand how Maria's vast experience and innovative mindset shape the marketing landscape at PLK Communities.

Click the image below to watch this engaging episode, where we get to know Maria Lashells, the driving force behind our marketing success.