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A Day In The Life of Associate Developer: Mick Oakes


At PLK Communities, we believe in the power of spotlighting our incredible team members who make our community thrive. That's why we're thrilled to present the latest installment of our Corporate Employee Spotlight video series, "Day In The Life," featuring our very own Associate Developer, Mick Oakes.

In this captivating video, we invite you to delve behind the scenes and gain insight into what it truly means to be part of the PLK Communities family as an Associate Developer. Mick Oakes graciously shares his journey, offering glimpses into his professional life and personal passions.

Join us as we explore Mick's experiences, from his initial inspiration to pursue a career in development to the challenges and triumphs he encounters daily. Discover the intricacies of his role, the projects he's passionate about, and the collaborative spirit that drives our team forward.

But that's not all—beyond the office walls, Mick opens up about his personal life, hobbies, and the interests that fuel his creativity outside of work. From his favorite pastimes to the moments that bring him joy, Mick's story is a testament to the vibrant personalities that enrich our PLK Communities family.

Whether you're considering a career in development, eager to learn more about life at PLK Communities, or simply seeking inspiration from the journeys of others, this video promises to captivate and inspire. 

Click the image below to watch the exclusive premiere of "Day In The Life" featuring Mick Oakes, and get ready to be inspired!